The Hiccup(s)

Problems come with travel adventures. Our 4 ginormous suitcases stayed behind in Seoul, as we landed in Singapore with just our carry-on’s, at midnight. The young, gracious Indian woman at the Lost and Found desk gave us small, cute emergency bags containing a tee-shirt, slippers, and toothbrush, and said our bags would be delivered to us in the morning. Foreign airports are always interesting: the same as ours, but different. We queued up for the taxi, and felt the first hit of humidity. Not terrible, but palpable, at 1:00 am.

For 30 minutes -we drove on the left side of the street, past miles of big lush tropical trees. Through them, on both sides, stood hundreds of tall, blocky apartment buildings. We’d soon learn that this is how much of Singapore lives. The streets were clean, as was our taxi, and the traffic was orderly. As we left the main road and snaked closer to our own neighborhood of blocky apartment buildings, we saw people of all ages sitting alone on benches, or strolling casually, or congregating in bunches. We began to see how safe Singapore is. The buildings are clustered in groups, which surround their own clean park / exercise / social area. And most buildings have a food court area on the ground level, which doubles as an important social hub for the locals (Caucasians are rare in this northern neighborhood, which is partly why we booked our home stay there).

We found the elevator near the fruit stand as directed, and went up 7 stories, and met our pleasant host Hamish, a Brit who is married to Shumei from Sri Lanka, whom I dealt with online a month earlier. A quick explanation about the lay of the land -and how we wouldn’t see them until that next evening, and then it was time for a shower and bed. We’d spent the last 20 hours on planes.

We discovered that our invaluable phones were out of juice too, but the  re-chargers were in our lost luggage.  – matt



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