I would not have expected our boarding the plane to be eventful, beyond some personal symbolism, but it was a surreal and magical experience that we will cherish. We actually felt like royalty, and as if stepping into another country already. Note to selves: Korean Air! The staff greeted us so warmly, really trying to connect with us (every time), dressed in beautiful teal, as some serene background music played softly. And this plane was roooomy: the cabin, the aisles, and the seats, with a personalized media center right in front of me (loved Life of Pi). Everything moved in slow motion. Combined with the aforementioned personal symbolism, we immediately felt the stresses and issues of the past 9 months melt away. It was the most comfortable flight we’ve ever had, and I couldn’t imagine a better way to fly -until they put us in first class for the final hour so that we could depart quickly to catch our connecting flight. Three letters: OMG! We giggled like kids and fiddled with the levers that made things go up or down or sideways for the whole hour, and marveled at how the world’s movers and shakers fly.

An official met us at the gate holding a sign with our names on it (I always wanted that to happen!), and gently suggested that we needed to hurry to catch our next flight. Then, despite her meek mannerism, pressed teal uniform and pointy shoes, set off ahead of us like a bat out of hell, halfway across the crowded Seoul airport. She looked composed, and glided along with minimal apparent effort as if on a walking escalator, and kept turning her head completely around as she  glided forward to check on us with a smile that also said, politely, “keep up!” It was all we could do, as we gangled and gasped behind, periodically losing sight of her through the torrent of oblivious people. And I mean we ran a looong way to our gate. We made it just in time. A big thank you to Korean Air.



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  1. Matt & Rita
    May 08, 2013 @ 07:27:27

    Wow! What a great way to start your adventure! A good omen, for sure.


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