We realized that we needed a plan B. We’d only have our cottage for 8 days total (which seemed like a lot before we got here) in which to scout out a long term residence, somewhere on the entire island. Ha! It’s not as if we can easily scoot to one of Bali’s 4 corners during the day, adequately explore, return home, and do it somewhere else tomorrow. It’s a smallish island, but not THAT small. What we agreed upon was that Ubud -or the surrounding area- would be our next home. But with just a few days left at our cottage, we disagreed about most everything else in regard to that next move.

We kept an eye out for housing posts at Bagus Pizza, the Bintang Market, and the Bali Buda restaurant, as well as the various Home Stay, Bungalow, and Villa signs. One thought was to find the desired neighborhood first, and then take it from there. Out on the scooter we ventured again -I was getting the hang of things. We like the open rice fields to the north, but they are directly linked to the busy east-west road, which we want to avoid if possible. Plus, the northern villages might be too isolated up there. We’re told that July and August (and December) are terribly touristy / packed in Ubud. We want the right balance of proximity to Ubud, but wo being in the thick of things.

We also explored the hilly Penestanan village to the west of Ubud, located up along the river valley. Our frustrations grew due in part to the scooter stresses, the heat, and to our inability to locate the street names -or make any sense of them if we did see them. Every map seemed to display the same streets and villages differently, so we only had a vague notion of where we were at any given time. And, stopping or pulling over on the scooter was still a challenge. We found a neat little stretch of the village and quenched our thirsts at the Round Bar (while I followed the Warrior’s playoff win over Denver!). Still, in the end, the day was a bust and a source of frustration for both of us. We felt the pressure of needing to be out of our cottage soon, but had opposing viewpoints about where that should be and how to find it. One radical thought included leaving Ubud for several weeks, and working our way around the perimeter of the island.

In the morning, we were even more at odds, and again expressed our different strategies about how and where to seek that next nest. We are both strong-willed, and our frustrations rose inside the confines of that small cottage. Suddenly, that heated energy was stolen away by a loud clamor at our lone window. Our heads turned together to the sight of a beautiful, small, green bird with a large yellow beak. This creature was chirping constantly, very loudly, fluttering and darting against our window, and seemingly looking right at us. He was absolutely crazed in his attempt to get our attention, and we stared in silence and disbelief for a full 5 minutes until he darted away. It was a mystical experience for us both. He seemed to be telling us not to fight; to be kind to one another; and to work better together on our problem. At least, that was our interpretation.

We formulated a plan based on the mutual like of our Pengosekan area. Maybe we could better explore the back yards and nooks and crannies of this immediate neighborhood. Maybe we could find a place nearby for 1 month, and use that time to look for a longer solution. The very first place we went -2 minutes away, just on the other side of our neighboring cultural center- had a great opportunity for us: 2nd story room, kitchen, an open terrace surrounded by gorgeous tree tops that stretched far away, a serene setting of lily ponds and rice fields, air conditioning, cleaning service, and that same nightly gamelan music. And, best of all, it had a gorgeous pool, in a gorgeous setting overlooking a river. We were almost giddy at our quick turn of events. We hadn’t known that any of all that was there -though we’d walked past it 3 dozen times. Still, our practical side said to keep looking and to compare other potential rentals nearby. But after seeing a couple more, we darted back in hopes that no one else had seen the same “house for rent” sign. We booked the month of May.

Suddenly, our quest and needs had been fulfilled and our only real problem solved. We could now rest into Ubud, and continue to enjoy Wayan’s breakfasts for the time being (we’d miss those mornings). The root of our growing frustrations was now addressed. And we feel like we owe it to a small, green bird, with a big yellow beak, who appeared at our window and broke up our quarrel.


5-12-13 m camera, g gado 049

5-12-13 m camera, g gado 050

5-12-13 m camera, g gado 051

5-12-13 m camera, g gado 047

cremation_mmatts camera 003

cremation_mmatts camera 005


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jodymarx556848699
    May 15, 2013 @ 13:58:16

    I love this post! Maybe the green bird with the yellow beak is your marriage’s animal spirit guide.


  2. artmarysf
    May 15, 2013 @ 14:34:30

    Send that bird over o Anderson St ..ha ha .Love reading your blog !!


  3. kathysarconi
    May 17, 2013 @ 16:37:33

    Your new place sounds wonderful! How nice to have that settled…


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